The Beginning

Hello Everybody!

This is a blog.

Now, I’m against blogs as a general rule, but as a keep-in-touch tool I’m willing to give them a shot. Over here in L.A., we’re actually getting ready to go East: I’m getting dropped in Boston, Chris is heading to Goucher College in near Baltimore in Maryland, and then the parents are continuing on for family visits (as I’m sure you’re all aware). It’s mostly packing and forgetting and tying up loose ends…more interesting news soon!

Love, Kelly

Family Photo

A photo of the family from Chris’s graduation!


2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Libby says:

    Hey, there, Kelly. I am also not a big blogger, but this is a good idea. Can you believe that it is August 22? I have already been working in my 5th grade classsroom getting boxes umpacked and trying to remember all the stuff I used to do before the students arrive. I have been out of the classroom for 5 years, but it feels like much longer. It will be a busy couple of weeks.

    Good luck getting Nana on this. I will try to get her to participate if I can!


  2. Kelly says:

    Hi Libby!
    Being a non-blogger until this moment, I did not figure out the comment thing until about 5 minutes ago…but yay! Wow, back to 5th grade – looking forward to hearing about your class! Hopefully you've got good kids (I'm sure you will).
    Nana may have to look on from your computer… 🙂


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