And I’m Here!

Hello everybody,

Well, I’m back at school. By the numbers:

Roommates: 4

Rooms: 5 (4 bedrooms, 1 common room)
Bathrooms: 1
Closets: 5
Boxes Unpacked: 4,000,000

All goes well – we start “shopping” for classes today, meaning we go to classes and see if we like them before we actually sign on. I’ve got about 8 to shop, which means I’ll probably make it to about 4 before I throw my hands in the air and bike home. The room is coming together – I’ll post a picture or two when it’s done – and we’re all (me, Meryl, Meredith, and Sherry) very happy with it. The weather’s been gorgeous and not at all hot, which makes us all very happy and very terrified that this winter is going to be the coldest thing in our (admittedly short) Boston memories.

Miss you all!

Love, Kelly


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