Classes Sorted

Hello everybody,

I’ve finally decided on my classes (what began as a widespread mish-mosh was rapidly narrowed down after I found out I had both of my junior tutorials this semester). So:

1. Spanish 70c – In which, when the teacher turned to the class of 60 and asked how many were from Spanish speaking homes, about half raised their hands. Yikes.
2. Moral Reasoning 78: Classical Chinese Ethical and Political Theory – Somewhat random topic, I know, but I need to take a moral reasoning course and this class is so wildly popular that it overflowed the class last Wednesday, moved to a bigger classroom, re-overflowed that classroom today, and is planning to upgrade yet again. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the ever-cheerful professor both guarantees the class will change your life and sounds like a cartoon character (as the end of every phrase, his voice ju-UMPS up about an octave).
3. HAA 98br: Methods – A junior tutorial on methods of study in art history. It hasn’t actually met yet, so that’s all I’ve got.
4. HAA 98ar: Faculty Tutorial – Another junior tutorial, this time with a faculty member (my professor, to no surprise, is a Renaissance focuser) and only two other students, both of whom are girls whose names start with “K.” This also has not met yet.

Overall, a pretty good schedule, especially considering that I have no class on Fridays and may possibly get out with very little on Thursdays…

Miss you all and love,


My family at the Red Sox game.

Also, a picture of the family at the Red Sox game!


4 thoughts on “Classes Sorted

  1. Big Ed says:

    Hi, Kelly! Looks like you are settled into Beantown and the family is having fun (as usual). We are in the hunt for collegs for Jess and focused on volleyball as the season has finally started. We are up to Keene state (NH) this weekend as she is being recruited by thme to play there next year. and then will probably head out to Western CT State for the same reason. Josh just passed his first battery of tests @ PENN so is in the groove now (we think) and is really happy to be around family, as Nana seems to be doing most of his laundry (something even his own Mom won't do!). If we get up to Boston, we will give you a call to stop by and say hi, so thanks for inviting me to participate in your blog. It took me awhile to figure this out, but I finally was able to hook in. I hope the year continues to go well for you and that you use your long weekends wisely (party well, party well). Ed


  2. Libby says:

    Hi, Kelly. It sounds like you have a great schedule with very interesting classes. Let me know how moraling reasoning mixes with a professor who sounds like a cartoon character! I have finished my second full week back in the classroom and am both excited to be back with fifth graders and exhausted from working round the clock. The beginning of the year is always a bit crazy, and I wasn't (and am still not) as organized as I would like. (Does throwing the contents of all my boxes into drawers and closets in a mad frenzy before the start of school sound like a great organizational plan?) I spend every day after school trying to find the materials I used to use (usually without success). And yet I am very happy to be back in the classroom …go figure.


  3. Kelly says:

    Hi Ed,
    Yay! You made it! How was Keene State? Doe Jess have any colleges she is particularly excited about, or are you guys just “shopping” around? She's a senior now, right?
    I'm glad to hear Josh is doing well…Nana must like having him around (even if she does have to do his laundry, haha).


  4. Kelly says:

    Hey Libby,
    I hope the 5th graders aren't running you too ragged! My organizational method tend to be piling everything up/putting it under the bed to give the impression of neatness, so your method doesn't sound too bad. Do you have a good class this year? If not, I'm sure you'll whip them into shape in no time…


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