October’s End

Hard to believe it, but we’ve basically come to the end of October…Halloween, indeed, is this very Saturday! Yikes. I will be celebrating multiple times, starting with Rocky Horror at midnight on Friday and ending with a couple Halloween celebrations Saturday night (costumed as a Black Widow Spider).

I’ve been very busy, but things are starting to let up a little now…I think.

Richard II went well – there’s a link to a site with pictures in the left-hand column – and we sold out the Friday show and even had to add more chairs! It was pretty awesome. Everyone who saw it seems to have liked it, and I was lucky enough to have both my parents (thanks Mom and Dad) and Charlotte in the audience! We were poorly reviewed in The Crimson, but since they require their reporters to not know anyone remotely involved in the show, I’m inclined to think it was someone who’s not terribly into theater (unfortunately, all the theater people know each other so precluding acquainted reporters also precludes all people who are remotely connected to the theater community) – and was hence just bored by the play in general. Anyway, my picture was in the paper, which was kind of exciting!

Me sword-fighting in Richard II.

Me wielding a sword (not The Crimson photo).

I’m also getting offered various chances to work poster design/publicity on future shows, so the poster seems to have gone over pretty well.

Poster for an all-female Harvard performance of Shakespeare's Richard II.

The poster.

We finally got a fifth school to teach in for S.T.A.G.E., and tomorrow I’ll be going to teach at the John Winthrop Elementary School in Boston. More on that after it occurs…

It’s pretty dreary today, but as of lately all the leaves on the trees have turned and it’s like walking under a canopy of liquid gold. I do love fall. I have plans to make an apple baked good of some kind, and my roommate Meredith bought a pumpkin that we’ll be painting.

Love and miss you all,

Dark Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

My latest baking exploit: Dark Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies!


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