Let It Snow!

Hello hello,

Well, it’s getting to be that time of year…after weeks and weeks of freak sixty-degree weather (that made me wonder whether I should be terrified of global warming or thrilled about it), two days ago the first real snow fell on Cambridge! My roommate Meredith, who had been having snow withdrawal (she’s from Colorado) was supremely excited, especially as we’d just put up our Christmas decorations a few days before (the common room looks like the Christmas spirit exploded all over it – my Jewish roommate is skeptically amused). And now it’s cold cold cold…well, for this California girl at least.

Our Harvard dorm room Christmas tree

Terrence, Our Tree

Classes are all over – it’s just papers and finals now. I’ve only got one final, but that means lots of papers before I’m out of here on the 17th (a week and a half to go…woo hoo!). We had our final event of the year for our STAGE students on Saturday, which (despite the complete breakdown of the subway in morning) went extremely well – I think all the kids had a lot of fun! They came to Harvard to do a bunch of different arts workshops, play some games, and watch a scene put on by some teachers. We’ve got elections for STAGE today (which means my presidential term is coming to an end), and then the Christmas party Wednesday. Whew. I also went to my house’s winter formal last Thursday with a bunch of friends – it was at a very pretty hotel in Boston, and four different houses shared it, so lots of my friends were there. There was a live band and a DJ, both of whom played excellent music!

A group of college friends going to formal together.

The Formal-Going Gang: Me, Meredith, Meryl, Jackie, Manny, & Elizabeth

Well, I should be off to do a little work – see you all VERY soon!!! Can’t wait!

Much love,


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