Christmas Trickery

OK, I am just far too thrilled with myself not to post this little anecdote.

Today was the first day of finals. Now, I didn’t have any finals, but all three of my roommates had a 9AM final, causing much stress last night (including one of them collapsing to the floor in tears and declaring she sucked at everything related to her concentration. I performed a dance to Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out Of You” to cheer her up.) Anyway, for some time I had been plotting to have “Santa” visit our room, and I decided that tonight (well, last night) was the night. So, I got up at 4:30 AM, snuck out in the common room, turned on all the Christmas lights, and left 4 presents – including one to myself – with sneakily swirly handwriting marking them “From Santa” under the tree.

Well, I wasn’t awake when they got up this morning, but when Meryl and Meredith got back from their finals they were VERY confused. It was hilarious. Neither suspected me (despite the fact that my gift was shoes in the correct size), and it helped that Meryl’s key had gone missing, making them wonder if someone had stolen it to deliver the gifts. They actually had me call a friend of ours to ask if he didn’t while I attempted to hide my insane giggling and delight. Meredith had turned off all the Christmas lights before going to bed, and so found the whole thing excessively mysterious. Finally, unable to contain my deviance any longer, I told Meredith (Meryl had already gone off in bewilderment), who was suitably impressed and cheerfully indignant at the stir I had caused.

Oh, Christmas “magic.”

Love (and see you all SO SOON),

Gifts under our college dorm room tree

Under the Tree at 4:30 AM: Santa’s Visit


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