Tra-la, It’s May!

Well, here I am, about to finish out my junior year and become (*gulp*) a senior.

The past couple of weeks have been madness, no surprise, as everything is always getting pushed back up until the end – and now we actually have to do it. However, it’s not all work – fun stuff has been going on too! Working went well, ending up with excellent reviews (one even complimented me specifically, which was exciting as I’m always a bit uncertain of whether I should ever sing in a place that isn’t my shower). I’ll be, in addition to researching my thesis and doing a bit of busy work for an art history professor, staffing summer theater this summer as all around poster designer, stage manager, and even makeup designer, so the dramatic aspect of my life is sure to stay in high gear. The theater season has been crazy around here – I’ve seen a lot of good productions, including Into the Woods, Pirates of Penzance (my roommate Meredith played the pit for that one), and a very interactive Godspell, for which I was the print media designer (designs can be seen on my portfolio website, link at left).

STAGE has also been crazy, what with recruiting the prefrosh and having our big final event – KIDSHOW! – last Saturday. KIDSHOW! is when the kids perform their self-written plays, and takes a lot of work on the part of the teachers. It went off really well, though, and was generally considered a great success!

We’re moving into finals now – finished my last project of reading period today – and thankfully I only have two, as it seems like the social season speeds up with testing season! I happen to have recently acquired a boyfriend (again, photos are available in the photo website at left – no excessive mocking, dear family members), and so last weekend around KIDSHOW! we were off at Leverett Formal (that’s where he lives) and the Gilbert and Sullivan Victorian Ball (he plays trombone in the pit). If you want to know more about this recent development, I demand that you at least attempt to post a comment requesting information 🙂

Anyway, I think that’s all for now! I’m off to the Cape this weekend for STAGE retreat, so more on that later…

A picture of me in Working: The Musical.

Singing “See That Building”: The Finale of Working


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