Riding the Heat Wave

Well, they’ve certainly turned the heat up in Cambridge – we’re looking in the high eighties/low nineties for quite a while now, plus that lovely East Coast humidity. The Boy is wilting like an unhappy flower, as his room (and all the rooms) in Adams is without air conditioning, but thanks to my two window units I’m surviving quite nicely.

The show I’m stage managing, The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard (see the poster, which I designed, below) opened this weekend, meaning I’ve been running around crazy with rehearsals. Although I no longer have to remind the actors of their lines and blocking, I do have to show up every show to make sure the props and furniture are all present and accounted for. Then I make sure the actors are present and accounted for, and then I decide when to open the house, close the house, and start the show. I warn the actors (calling “places”) and then I run lights and cue sound before finally cleaning props (we use real liquids and food, so they have to get cleaned every show) and heading home. It’s madness, but it’s fun, and I received a bottle of champagne both from the directors and from the actors on opening night, along with a very sweet thank you note centered mostly around the fact that I baked lots of snacks during early rehearsals. The show looks really good, and I think Daddy (who visited this weekend) would agree everyone does a great job with it.

How was the baseball trip, Libby? And yes, I’ve heard about this rabbit…Gracie, I believe, is the name? I guess something needed to replace Julia…hopefully she sheds in less colors. Can’t wait to see everyone soon!

Poster for The Real Thing by Tom Stoppard, Harvard Summer Theater

The Real Thing Poster


One thought on “Riding the Heat Wave

  1. Libby says:

    I guess we have all been melting in the heat this summer. Sounds like you are having a great summer immersed in theater. Lucky you.

    Steve and I have just returned from our baseball stadium extravaganza where we had the misery of watching the Phillies lose THREE times in one week. On the other hand we saw lots of amazing architecture from Frank Lloyd Wright buildings and homes to Sullivan buildings and the Sears Tower. In Chicago we walked and walked and walked (threw away a pair of worn out shoes)to see as many buildings and msueums as possible in one week.

    Today I am trying to prune my way through a wildly overgrown veggie garden. Unlike my last two years (complete and utter disasters), this morning I harvested over a dozen cucumbers (facial anyone), many monster sized zucchini, and bowlfuls of cherry tomatoes. I am a farmer after all!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone in the Poconos where we will be having zucchini bread, zucchini quiche, zucchini salad, zucchini shakes…


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