The Bathroom

I know, I know, I didn’t start the post title with “In Which…”. But sometimes things just don’t work, and I don’t like to force anything. Go with the flow, right? Anyway, this post isn’t about a particular incident, but rather about our bathroom in general.

We love our apartment, but the bathroom is not the best thing about it. Yes, it has five different switches that do five different things (just a few days ago I realized that there is a separate light switch for the light over the sink), but otherwise it seems a bit like it was built for a tiny person. The toilet is little and the shower is very short. Too short for me, which meant it was WAY to short for the Boy. Early on, we realized that this was a matter that needed to be fixed immediately, fun as it was to sit in the bathtub with the shower on while I washed my hair. So we went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and bought this:

HotelSpa 3-Way Multi-Shower System Shower Head

HotelSpa 3-Way Multi-Shower System with Slide Bar, $39.99

This is my favorite thing that we’ve bought for the apartment. Hands down. Our lives are so much better because of it. WE CAN STAND IN THE SHOWER. It may not sound exciting, but try living without being able to do that. Plus, this showerhead set has about five million settings, which is sort of fun. I live with a Boy who’s good at installing such things, but it seemed relatively painless. I like to think I could have done it too.

The rest of our bathroom, at this point, looks like this (and probably will for some time, as there are parts of our apartment that need much more work):

The Apartment’s bathroom.

Not bad, right? Those Pike Street towels are actually a dark grey color, purchased for a very low price from, and are of course our only set of towels. They’re good enough – not the most absorbent, but not terrible. They do their work, if not in a very luxurious way. As for the bath mat:

Microdry Ultimate Luxury Memory Foam Bath Mat

Microdry Ultimate Luxury Memory Foam Bath Mat, 17″x24″, $19.99

OK, so I lied. THIS is my favorite thing that we’ve bought for the apartment. I think the Boy let me buy it just to stop me from standing by the Bed, Bath, and Beyond bath mat display squishing this and whispering “sofffffft” over and over again to myself. This bath mat is heaven for your feet. It’s a memory foam mattress for your bathroom. It is just. So. Squishy.

Our bathroom is decorated only with a “Twisted Peppermint” Bath and Body Works hand soap (not pictured), brought in for the holidays, and these, over the toilet:

Miniature framed kimono art.

Our little kimono art.

My Dad gave these to me some time ago, purchased from somewhere called The Museum Store or The Museum Shop or something of that nature. They’re real little kimonos set into frames. We clear-taped the back to seal from moisture, then hung them with traditional picture hooks – a mistake, we learned, when they pulled right out of the plaster and sent our art crashing to the floor (though there’s no cheap black frame a little sharpie can’t fix).

So, we bought some Scotch stick things at CVS, and so far that’s been working…knock on wood. Anyway, that’s all the art we’ve got up so far, not counting some paper snowflakes stuck to the living room walls for Christmas. And that, my friends, is our bathroom.


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