In Which the Cleanse Wanes

We’re nearing the end of the Bon Appetit Food Lover’s Cleanse, and unfortunately, what with the somewhat “healthy” tasting chicken and the disappointment of the dish I am about to tell you about, it’s not ending as well as it began (though never fear, it WILL end on a high note – upcoming!).

The dish sounded good enough – Pan-Roasted Vegetable Curry – and the plethora of veggies we chopped and sliced to get ready for it looked quite lovely:

Chopped vegetables and spices.

Veggies and spices.

We took the easy way out on the side and bought some Near East Wild Mushroom & Herb CousCous (no one’s compensating me, I just love the stuff) to cook up quickly while the vegetables were in the oven:

Cooking Near East couscous.

Cookin’ couscous!

And in the end, dinner was actually very colorful and pretty. However, the “curry” was pretty much sauce-less, leaving it dry, and, despite all the spices, a bit boring. The greek yogurt mix-in was helpful, but I still wanted some kind of sauce if this was going to be a main dish. I will admit I cut my cauliflower florets too large, and they didn’t cook all the way through, but in general I’d relegate this to a side dish and maybe even then add some extra salt and pepper.

The couscous, at least, was delicious.

Pan-Roasted Vegetable Curry

Our attractive, if somewhat deceiving, dinner.


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