In Which the Couch Expands

After debating over the size of our couch in relation to the size of our television for some time (read: one month), we decided we were going to get another piece. For the couch. Not the television. So, we went back to West Elm and got an additional single piece, meaning our couch now looks like this:

The couch and recovered pillows.

Raspberry washed linen pillowcases also from West Elm.

I’ve since gotten used to it, but my initial thought was, “GLAH. Enormous!” But really, it does work better. We’ll see what happens if we move somewhere smaller, but for now all is well.

Also note our impromptu coffee table, made of two folded-up futons covered by a quilt. That’s the next piece we’re working on – not improving it, per se, but replacing it with a real coffee table.

A reading nook on the couch.

A cozy reading nook.

We still need to get more lamps, but for now the living room is lit by a simple Not from Ikea (there are no built-in lighting fixtures on that side of the living/dining area), which gives off a lot of light and costs a mere $7.99! Love you, Ikea.

We’ve also hung some little Cost Plus World Market lanterns over the door to the balcony (inside the living room) – the colors of the flowers just so happen to match the couch pillows! We’re not sure they will stay there, as they interfere slightly (ok, not so slightly) with the blinds, but I just love them. So pretty.

Lanterns in the living room.

Pretty little lanterns.


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