In Which We Paint

This past weekend, we decided to take on a new challenge for our apartment – customizing furniture! This is a common phenomenon throughout the decorators’ blogosphere, with debate often raging as to whether on ought or ought not to paint pieces that are made of perfectly lovely wood.

And, indeed, we did have two pieces made of perfectly lovely wood – two small, pine night stands we picked up on Craigslist for a mere $50. Do we love Craigslist? Yes, we do.

One of our pretty nightstands.

However, the night stands didn’t match the reddish-stained wood that is predominant in our bedroom – on the dressers and the bed frame – and were just different enough, in fact, to look weird and out of place. So, wood purists be damned, we decided to paint. We intended to sand them first, but forgot and skipped straight to a spray-on primer:

The primed night stand.

The trickiest part of that was avoiding the hardware – obviously, if possible, I’d recommend removing your hardware before painting anything, but our was not removable, so we covered it as best as we could while priming and then used a small paintbrush to work around it while doing the final coats. The Boy was a bit disappointed that the primer hid the grain, but in the end it turned out all right.

Once primed and dry, we hand-painted using Valspar Deep Space paint in a satin finish – a blue that turned out to be brighter than we thought, but still lovely. We got a quart of paint, and after three full coats had hardly used a quarter of it, so we’ll have plenty for touch ups.

We did hit that moment of – oh, crap, maybe we shouldn’t have started this – after a single coat, but by coat three things were looking much better. We ended with a finishing spray coat, and the whole piece looked as if it had always been blue.

And it looks great in the bedroom! Here’s the before and after:

What do you think?


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