Quest for a Key-Bowl

Key Bowl.



Keeeeey bowwwwwwwwl.

This has been the call of the Boy since we moved in – no, since before we moved in – and at long last, we have a key bowl. Or a key tray, rather. But it serves the necessary purpose.

Our new Key Bowl.

What, I hear you ask, is a key bowl? Or rather, why all the fuss? A key bowl is, after all, much what it sounds like – a bowl for keys. The French call it, in that way they have of making everything sound much fancier, a vide poche, which means “empty pockets.” And that pretty much summarizes it – whatever you call it, a key bowl is a catch-all for all of the things you pull out of your pockets when you walk in the door: loose change, keys, the occasional receipt, your wallet.

As such, I’ve found the key bowl to be generally more useful for boys – I just leave all my things in my purse, which I plop next to the key bowl – but it is nice to have a place for all your little things.

Plus, ours is so cute!

Queen of the Key Bowl.

Our particular key bowl was garnered at the Melrose Flea Market, bargained from $10 down to $8. It’s a vintage tin Coca-Cola themed tray, with just deep enough sides and a wonderfully happy young flapper type emblazoned boldly on the center.

Surprisingly to some of you, perhaps, it was the Boy’s find. Next up? A console table to keep it on (right now it’s on a side table by the door).

The key bowl in use.

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