In Which We Make Perfect Eggs

First, off, apologies for the quality of these pictures – we were particularly hungry the morning we made these, and the photography was hurried so that the shoveling-into-the-mouths could begin.
It’s always exciting when the new Bon Appetit arrives in the mail – the pictures, right from the cover, are just so deliciously gorgeous. This particular issue featured eggs – poached, scrambled, you name it. We decided, for an impromptu at-home brunch, to try “The Softest Scramble.”
It’s very simple: eggs…
Your starting point.
…which you scramble (whisking constantly) with butter, salt, and cayenne.
Getting ready to SCRAMBLE.
We topped with unsweetened whipped cream, as suggested, though we skipped the caviar (you can guess why) and served with toast and jam.

Eggs and toast.
And it was yummy. Tender, amazing texture (Bon Appetit describes it as soft polenta), and the unsweetened whipped cream was luscious genius (so decadent). The caviar would have been amazing…I salted the eggs instead. Definitely check these out, unless you’ve got your own perfect scramble already in the bag!

Trust me (and, ok, Bon Appetit) on the whipped cream thing.

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