In Which We Start to Put Stuff on Walls

After living in the apartment for seven months, we decided it was about time to start decorating. Ha! One of our first wall art installations is in our small entryway, and it is the first thing you see when you walk into the apartment.
We’d bought the HÖNEFOSS Mirror from Ikea some time ago, sure we could find something to do with the fun two-tone mirrored hexagon pieces. We arranged them in an asymmetrical pattern, creating a funky mirror/art piece to greet visitors (and for me to check my makeup on the way out).
What do you think? If you like, you pick your own up in your local Ikea store (and there are so many different ways to arrange the pieces!)

Honeycomb Honefoss!


2 thoughts on “In Which We Start to Put Stuff on Walls

  1. Sharon Beltran says:

    have you tried removing them or rearranging them? i read another blog post that said they were not able to take these mirrors when they moved because they were impossible to take off of the wall? thanks.


  2. Kelly says:

    Hi Sharon – we did remove them when we moved – they left some marks on the paint, but we did get them off. However, you would not be able to reuse the adhesive. That said, I think you could easily but other adhesive pads (like the Scotch pads) to put them up, which would probably also be easier to remove. That's what we plan to do in the new place!


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