Themed Drinks: Wildfire Shots

Moving on the the third and last of the drinks served at our little celebration for the Game of Thrones series finale (see the other two here and here), Wildfire Shots. Yes, there is FIRE!!!!

Wildfire Shots

Or at least, there was supposed to be fire. As it turns out, it’s rather tricky to light shots on fire, at least in the Boy’s and my experience. Many matches later, we finally got one to flame, and considered that a success. Sort of.

Anyway, for my usual GoT lesson: Wildfire is basically this green stuff that makes bad, bad fire. Like, fire that can burn on water. And make things explode big time. Not that it necessarily does that in any big battles I’ve mentioned in recent posts, or anything. The Boy is probably sighing at my definition of all of these things, but whatever. He doesn’t write the blog!

Wildfire Shots
Recipe adapted from Hot Shots

So, this basically tastes a lot like drinking some sort of mouthwash, but it looks very cool and, if you can get it flaming (we did have some trouble there), it serves its Wildfire purposes. Please, please, please do not drink it while it’s flaming. I hope it’s not necessary to tell you that…but don’t do it.

Creme de Menthe


In a shot glass, pour 1/2 part creme de menthe and 2 parts whiskey. Using a match, carefully light whiskey on fire. Once flame has gone out, drink!

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