We Interrupt this Program…

…to bring you breaking news! There’s a new member in the family! I have a new…sister, I guess? Here she is:


And here are the stats:

Name: Mrs. Nesbit “Nessie” Perron
My brother, apparently, has “always wanted” to name a dog Mrs. Nesbit. The name comes from Toy Story, when Andy’s little sister gets a hold of Buzz and dresses him up like a lady. Of course, we weren’t actually going to call the dog Mrs. Nesbit, so Nessie it is. My only regret came whet a 15-year-old asked me, “Nessie? Like Twilight?” Sigh. You can’t win ’em all.

Little puppy ear.

Breed: Unknown
Speculation abounds on Nessie’s background. Her Mom looked a bit beagle-y, she may have some terrier in there, and she looks a whole lot like a miniature pinscher, which apparently is a mix of greyhound and dachshund (go figure). Anyway, she’s black with brown accents and can go from 0-60 in about a second (though she doesn’t decelerate nearly as well.


Age: 4 Months
Nessie was born on May 22nd, per the shelter we got her from. She’s about 15 or so pounds now, and they expect she’ll be 25-30 when she’s full grown. For now, she’s definitely a puppy.

Puppy feet!

Personality: Spazmonkey
Nessie is, by my Mom’s account, “brilliant,” by Dad’s “independent”, by my brother’s “so cute,” by mine “spazmonkey,” and by Heidi’s “annoying.” She is actually quite a well-behaved little puppy – she hardly barks, and she hasn’t shown any aggression towards, well, anything. She does have the puppy-like tendency for zooming madly about the house and chewing on whatever catches her fancy, and her love of Heidi is often met with vaguely defeated annoyance. Not a big fan of loud noises, and not always a cuddler, though she does enjoy running happily directly at your face (though sometimes I think she’s aiming for the food you’re holding and just misses). And she does LOVE food. She may not know her name or the word “no,” but she knows when she gets fed and where the cookies are. Perfect for being the sister/niece of a food blogger.

Always the curious one…

Maybe I should start baking for dogs…


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