Austin, TX

Last weekend, I went to Austin, Texas with this lady:

She’s my favorite lady. I tell everyone. We met in Austin because it’s halfway between L.A. and New York. Plus, we’d never been there, so why not?

First things first: food. That’s the menu from Shady Grove. Sometimes you can just tell from how the menu looks (I mean looks, not the food on it, duh) that things are going to be good. At least I can. This was one of those times.

QUESO. Queso is an excuse to eat a bowl of cheese. Sometimes with pulled pork in it. It was at this point that I decided I really, really like Austin.

I got the steak tacos at Shady Grove (by the way, do not think that this blog post is the sum total of all the food we ate. Sometimes we ate it all up before I could remember to take a picture of it. It happens.). Anyway, those steak tacos. Yum.

We did some shopping – hey look, it’s my favorite lady again! They had a lot of outdoor markets.

And vintage stores – like, the good kind, not the kind that only has 80s bowling shirts. You know what I’m talking about.

Austin has a river running through it – a surprisingly clean river. People kayak on it, or sometimes they paddle boat. In swans. Awesome.

We found this huge graffiti-wall-park situation not far from the studio we were renting (Home Away, people. It’s the way to go.). There’s that lady again. I hope she doesn’t mind being featured on my blog. I don’t think she will.

We also had some amazing garlic rolls at Rounders Pizzeria. They were just dripping with butter and fresh garlic. It’s a good thing it was a girls’ weekend, cause no one was going to be kissing us after those. I know, you’re wondering where all the barbecue is. I did have some…but I forgot to take a picture of it. Oops.

However, I totally remembered to take a picture of the Tamago Yoko I had at Snack Bar for brunch. It’s like a japanese hash with an egg on top. This is totally not my usual brunch order. Normally I am all about sweet, and this had wasabi mayo and sriracha. I felt kinda crazy. So I ordered it. My Boy would have been proud.

But I also got a buttermilk biscuit. What? It was brunch. This may have been my favorite part of Austin. The biscuits. Don’t tell anyone – or do, and make them go eat biscuits. Or make you biscuits.

And, as long as we’re talking about food (are we surprised? This is me we’re talking about…), let’s talk about Amy’s Ice Creams. Amy’s is a chain of ice cream stores that is only in Austin. The fact that they’re only in Austin basically makes me want to cry. It’s so good. We ate a pint of Mexican Vanilla with Cookie Dough and Heath Bar. And then I got Sweet Cream with Whoppers and Heath Bar. And then I almost got some in the airport. Oh, Amy’s. I miss you.

We spent some of our last full day hanging out by the creek in Zilker Park listening to a man play the ukulele (or the banjo, or something) while people and dogs swam and kayakers floated by. I’ll definitely go back to Austin. You should come too.


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