Eating Out: Sqirl

Sqirl isn’t much to look at. It’s a tiny little storefront in Silverlake/Echo Park (and not the trendy part either). There’s a counter, a chalkboard menu, and that’s about it. The seating is all outdoors, and “seating” is probably generous, since it’s mostly old crates. So what’s the appeal, you ask?
Well, that’s easy. The eats.

“Burnt Toast, House Ricotta, Strawberry & Thyme Jam.” A hearty, deliciously thick piece of well-toasted brioche topped with homemade ricotta and jam. Now, Sqirl is known for their jam – they were a jam-maker before they were ever anything close to a restaurant. And it did not disappoint. Surprisingly filling, the crunch of the toast and the savory hint of ricotta were perfect with the sweet, flavorful jam. Score one for Sqirl.

“Kokuho Rose Brown Rice: Sorrel Pesto, Preserved Meyer Lemon, Lacto Fermented Hot Sauce, Black Radish, French Sheep Feta, Poached Egg.” This was the Boy’s order, and though jamless, it was tart, hearty, had that good-healthy feel, and was even a bit unexpected. Nice going, Sqirl. You’re two for two in my book. We’ll be back – there’s chocolate ganache toast on the menu.

720 N. Virgil Avenue #4
Los Angeles, CA 90029

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