Before & After: The Bathroom

We live in an apartment. We’ve been here about…8 months now? And I keep waiting and waiting and waiting for it to be “done” before I take any photos, and every day I realize a little more that it will never actually be “done” to my satisfaction.

So…here we go. The befores and afters. I’m starting with the bathroom, because, quite frankly, it’s the most boring. I mean, see below – one is from when we first moved in, and one is from a couple of weeks ago.

It’s not THAT different. We had the mat already, and it is the best. So soft and squishy. We bought the curtain pretty immediately, and the only additions since are a rolling container (I’d like something cuter, but this was free), a scale, and a beautiful-smelling candle. Voila!

Our sink area is just outside the toilet/shower room, which is nice for dual use. We’ve gotten it all organized at this point, added a towel hook and soap dish (an appetizer plate repurposed), and taken great advantage of the available storage.
And that’s the bathroom! Stay tuned for more…

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