And Up and Up We Go

I’m well aware that once I have children, everything will be a lot more complicated (no, Mom and Dad, that’s not happening anytime soon, don’t get excited and/or terrified). It will be buckets more difficult to pack up and head out for a weekend (in fact, even the adoption of Taiga and Tesla has made it more difficult – thankfully, their Grandma is an excellent cat-sitter). So, when we get to do it now, I am always excited to seize the opportunity – in this case, a birthday-gift trip from the Boy to me to Yosemite National Park.

We were greeted by such a sight on the drive into the park that we had to stop for some pictures. Yes, that’s Half Dome. No, we didn’t hike it.

It really is a devastatingly gorgeous place.

 Of course, I got all Ansel-Adams-inspired black-and-white artsy-fartsy up in this business.

I mean. Seriously. (Hi Boy!)

Just so happy to be there.

The one thing I quickly realized about Yosemite? There are a lot of rocks. Big rocks. And they’re gorgeous.

We didn’t see any bears (thank god), but we did see a few furry fiends.

We also took an epic hike up to the top of Vernal Falls. A hike that we thought was meant to be easy, but ended in approximately a jillion stone steps. Those things in that picture are not the stone steps.

 See that part that says “Top of Vernal Falls: 0.3 Miles”? Yeah. We’re pretty sure that was lying.

But we were determined.

And we made it up there (we ended up on top of those falls, looking down the valley going WHHHHHHYYYYYY?). But it was really amazing.

The Boy was less thrilled about having to hike all the way back down.

Bigger animals! None of the animals had any issue with people. Comes from living in a National Park, I guess.

And as we left on our first day, a storm swirled in…

…and the next morning the park was covered in snow.

We finished the weekend with a walk to a Sequoia Grove (a walk because the road was closed).

Thanks Boy for the trip! (And photo credit to him for some of these incredible photos. Check out his new blog here.)


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