Eating Out (in Maine): Maine Beer Company & Red’s Eats

We took a trip! It was a multipart trip – the Boy’s brother got married, which was the impetus, and then we rented a car and drove up the coast of Maine and Eastern Canada to Prince Edward Island. It was beautiful, and I’ll be sure to post a non-food-related roundup of photos once I get my nonsense organized, but for now a teaser with a couple of our more palatable outings from the first day of the trip.

First up was Maine Beer Company, where we stopped for “The All In” – a tasting of all eight beers they had on tap. To my recollection, this included: Tiny Beautiful Something (pale ale), Lunch (IPA), Another One (IPA), Mo (pale ale), Peeper (ale), Zoe (hoppy amber), Red Wheelbarrow (hoppy red), and Mean Old Tom (Stout).

Their beers, we discovered too late, tended very strongly towards the hoppy side of things (both the Boy and I are slightly beer-wimpy about hops). We could tell they were good hoppy beers, for the most part, but still not particularly to our taste. Mean Old Tom, the stout, was our favorite, with Red Wheelbarrow coming in last (that one might have actually just not been very good). We nevertheless declared it an excellent stop!

Next up, and more to my personal taste, was Red’s Eats, maker of a famed lobster roll.

At $18 (the same cost as our eight-beer tasting), we were skeptical, but apparently we were just lucky not to have to wait an hour to try the thing (our line was mercifully short). The roll IS stuffed full of an entire lobster (two claws right on top), pretty much bare bones, and served with mayo and butter. You actually had to start eating by picking off bits of lobster to dip, since it was too big to bite. (The Boy, who is not the biggest lobster fan, had a little trouble with this.)

Once you did bite, the roll was deliciously buttery, and I appreciated the large amount of lobster. It seemed a good, pure way to start our lobster roll experiences. Was it worth $18? Eh, maybe…but you sure can’t beat the view.

And here’s the info so when you go to Maine, you can form your own opinions about hoppy beer and $18 lobster rolls:

Maine Beer Company
525 US Route 1
Freeport, ME 04032

Red’s Eats
41 Main Street
Wiscasset, ME 04578


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