Much Ocean, No Moose

As promised, below is a selection of the five million pictures I took when the Boy and I drove up the Eastern coast of Maine and Canada to Prince Edward Island (PEI for the locals) and then back down again to Massachusetts. It was truly gorgeous, and though I didn’t catch a glimpse of the moose I was hoping for, we truly had a fabulous time.

The Boy flirting with danger before our first lobster roll at Red’s.

A friendly rooster on the door of the first bed and breakfast we stayed at, in Camden.

On the nearly-mile-long breakwater leading to the Rockland Harbor Breakwater Light.

We made it! The Rockland Harbor Breakwater Light itself. You can’t go inside, but the walk to get there is a lovely adventure.

Cairns on the (very steep) trail we climbed from Camden to the top of Mt. Battie.

0.5 miles can’t be that bad, we thought. Well, it was 0.5 miles straight up. This was towards the top of the mountain, where we were rewarded with a gorgeous coastal view.

A hidden trove of mushrooms. Don’t worry, we didn’t eat any…

But I did force the Boy to pull over to a roadside stand on one of our drives so I could purchase some wild Maine blueberries. When in Rome, right?

Visiting the sea caves in St. Martins – all red rock and moss. You had to walk out when the tide was low so you didn’t get trapped inside.

Speaking of moss…

The beautiful New Brunswick coastline as seen from a lookout on the Fundy Trail. A wonderful little national-park-like area which was driveable, hikeable, and had a number of interesting stopovers. We were a bit rushed as we were heading to PEI that day, but I for one certainly could have spent more time there.

An old sea captains’ graveyard discovered on a small windy path on the Fundy Trail.

A suspension bridge on the Fundy Trail. It shook when we walked across. Awesome. (But actually.)

The bridge to PEI.

Adirondack chairs on the coast near our incredible B&B.

A hidden lighthouse discovered during a day spent exploring PEI.

A view of the beach on the other side of the lighthouse. Can you spot it way off in the distance?

PEI is the proud home to three tremendous windmill generators. I find them rather beautiful.

Murray, the resident cat of the Johnson Shore Inn.

Gorgeous blossoms.

The Boy admiring the view in Acadia National Park. Doesn’t that distant building look like the lair of an evil genius?

Jordan Pond. We stopped at the Jordan Pond House for lunch, mainly to get their famous popovers. Other than popovers and lemonade, I’m not sure I’d recommend it…but it is a beautiful place. Beware the parking!

Some velvety-looking berries in the Park. Again, don’t worry, we didn’t eat them (though we did pick some wild blueberries and raspberries though at various points during the trip).

Atop Cadillac Mountain on our last day – the highest point on the North Atlantic seaboard.

And finally, a stop for dinner in Portland – a vibrant city with a lot of good eating. Here, a lock wall near the water…thanks for sharing the trip!


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