What Shall We Do Today: Riley’s Farm

People always say we don’t have seasons in Southern California. And mostly they’re right – we don’t. It’s been a VERY hot fall so far (I think it’s supposed to be 85 degrees outside as I’m writing this…beach day anyone?), but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the seasons like they actually do exist! So, in what is rapidly becoming a fall tradition, some of my girlfriends and I set out for Riley’s Farm a couple hours outside of L.A. for BBQ, apple picking, and wildflower frolicking!
It’s always best to start the day at Riley’s off right: with barbecue and live music. Anyone arguing? I didn’t think so.
Then, the main event: the picking. We stuck with apples (you pay by the bag or crate), but they also had pears and strawberries, and pumpkins were almost ready in the pumpkin patch. 

A small bag of apples was enough for a couple of snacking apples and a delicious apple crisp when I got home…

Oh, and you can also pick wildflowers! We didn’t pick any, but they were irresistible photography fodder (plus, they attracted the most GORGEOUS butterflies).

Riley’s Farm is colonial-themed, so the workers all wear costumes, and there are lots of family-friendly activities beyond the picking, like tomahawk-throwing. It’s still hot there – no crisp fall air – but it’s nice to have a little bit of autumn in this state of endless sunshine. Grab some friends and a take a day trip…it’s something different for Los Angeles.
12261 Oak Glen Road
Yucaipa, CA 92399
Oh! And you should pick up some cider (it’s cheaper) and apple cider donuts down the road at Snow-Line Orchard on your way out!

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