Come on Over: Molecular Gastronomy Welcome Home Brunch

Technically this shouldn’t be “come on over,” it should be “go on over there,” since everything was done at my parents’ house, but hey! It’s that whole entertaining idea. Now, I should start off by saying: don’t try this at home. It was good, and it was fun, but you could probably make almost this same breakfast just as well without all of our weird experimentation, and it would take half the time it took us. But we wanted to have a little fun and try out some weird culinary toys we’ve recently acquired, so off we went!

The Occasion: A Welcome Home Brunch for my Daddy, who returned at long last from a yearlong “work trip” to Tokyo.
The Menu:
Fruit Salad with Spherified Yogurt
Eggs Benedict with Sous Vide Eggs, Pickled Shallots, and Sous Vide Hollandaise Foam
I’d given the Boy a Sansaire, or home immersion circulator, which we decided to test in conjunction with a molecular gastronomy kit my Mom had given me. This resulted in us choosing the above menu, and kicking things off by sous-viding (is that a verb?) our Hollandaise.

The display looks weird here, but that’s just the photography – it was really showing the temperature.
Meanwhile, I chopped fruit and prepared the fruit salads (everything but the spherified yogurt, which was a recipe out of the aforementioned molecular gastronomy kit).

The Hollandaise emerged from the sous-viding, eggs went in, and we blended the Hollandaise to get it nice and smooth. We added some lemon juice and got it in the siphon, ready to be foamed.

Meanwhile, one or the other of us (first the Boy since I was scared, then me), spherified the yogurt. This was a fun but verrrrry delicate process – still, I wish I had video, because science is cool.

Oh, and somewhere in there we cooked the potatoes.

And at LONG last, everything was ready!

The verdict? Everything was delicious, but – and it’s quite a but – it probably could have been just as delicious with a lot less work. The potatoes, the simplest dish, were quite yummy, but the yogurt could have been sweeter (I used the called-for plain in fear of messing up the spherification) and also could have been un-spherified, the Hollandaise foam deflated quite quickly, and the eggs took For. Ever. To be fair, the yolks were incredibly luscious, but the whites seemed a little under, so I think we need more sous vide practice.

Still, it WAS fun, which was the point of the whole exercise, and my parents enjoyed it (or did a good job pretending too as is their duty as my parents). So: Brunch.


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