Eating Out: A Recovery Brunch at Salt Air

One of the fantastic things about living in L.A. is the endless parade of food-related deals, events, pop-up dinners, and pretty much anything else you can think of to please a girl with a big stomach and a taste for everything everywhere. The Boy and I recently hit up one such event: a “Recovery Brunch” presented by Tasting Table and Budweiser and hosted at hot Venice restaurant Salt Air.
We’d gotten word of the brunch via a Tasting Table mailing, and as we’d been wanting to try out Salt Air, this $30-per-person deal seemed like the perfect way to do it! Plus, the menu looked ah-mah-zing:

Yes, ALL THAT plus unlimited Budweiser and OJ/iced tea/coffee (pick your poison) for $30 a person. Not bad, right? Salt Air was a lovely place to have brunch – a sort of whitewashed, rustic ocean vibe flooded with light.

The brunch was served family style (everyone was grouped around tables of six to eight), and kicked off with the House Made Gravlax served with mixed greens, chiles, capers, shallots, fromage blanc, and what they called black bread (looked pretty brown to me). The gravlax was delicious – fresh tasting with less of the smoked flavor that smoked salmon often has, and I wanted to take a bath in the fromage blanc. We piled it on the rustic, rye-ish bread, rejoicing in the fact that two of our six-person table hadn’t arrived until we discovered that in fact we could have an entire second platter of gravlax should we desire it (we opted out, given the parade of food still coming). I will say the mixed greens mostly got pushed aside as everyone dove for the fish, but otherwise, yum.

Next up was a tour de force of a breakfast sandwich – homemade cheddar biscuits with pork sausage, caramelized onions, sriracha ketchup, and a fried egg. If you have ever heard me talk about biscuits, you know how I felt about this. Tender, flaky, rich, flavorful…my only complaint was that my particular egg did not ooze as much as I would have liked, but the Boy’s was wonderfully runny.

Oh, and in case this wasn’t enough for you…have some roasted baby potatoes. There were potatoes in there with the most INCREDIBLE purple flesh. SO gorgeous. Very simply cooked, with rosemary and olive oil and occasional whole clove of roasted garlic, which obviously I scarfed down.

And finally…French Toast Sticks. These were almost like bread pudding, but better since I don’t even always like bread pudding. Crispy and crunchy on the outside, creamy and lush on the inside, with a plethora of fresh fruit and a topping of caramelly bacon…I’m officially drooling. If this food is any indication of what they do at Salt Air on a daily basis, go right now.

We were sent home with a Valrhona chocolate brownie, which was unfortunately the weakest offering (sort of dry), but it was nice to get a party favor. And it turned out we even like Budweiser better than we thought we would! (We realized that mostly we’ve only had Bud Light, which we don’t care for, but this was a pretty tasty basic beer.)
We’ll have to check out Salt Air another time to get the real scoop on it, but if you try it first…let me know! Or invite me. Whatever.


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