And Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…

I’m back! I know, it’s been a while, but turns out 2015 is a busy year! Who knew?

To catch you up, my holidays looked pretty much like this…

We decorated and had a holiday party! It centered on cocktails. It went well.

There were many pretty lights…

…and some incredible gingerbread houses.

All sorts of celebrating…

…and mischievous pups.

I traveled all over the East Coast. My train ride had some particularly spectacular views.

We even managed to escape to Vermont for the New Year.

A demonstration (and tasting!) at Laughing Moon Chocolates in Stowe, VT.

We stayed at the Green Mountain Inn, which was lovely.

(That’s a cider press, by the way.)

Yeah, like I was NOT gonna visit Ben & Jerry’s. Though it turns out they weren’t making ice cream that day…who knew they don’t make ice cream every day?

I even learned to cross-country ski. That’s The Boy’s little red hat…

Hope you all had wonderful holidays and a great January, too!


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