No Recipe Required: Bruleéd Grapefruit

I love a really simple recipe – a no-recipe recipe – because you can memorize it and then pull it out of your pocket at a moment’s notice and feel all impressive and chef-y.
Case in point: this Bruleéd Grapefruit, courtesy of Late Afternoon. So simple, but it makes breakfast feel faaaaancy.

Start off by slicing your grapefruit in half and cutting around all the segments. I actually have a little serrated “citrus knife” that worked perfectly for this.

Then, sprinkle your grapefruit halves liberally with brown sugar. Yum. Brown sugar is the best.

Pop them under the broiler for a few minutes, until the sugar is melty and the grapefruit is starting to brown in spots. The Boy asked, “Isn’t warm citrus gross?” No. No, it isn’t.

And Bon Appetit! I imagine you could customize this is any number of ways (Late Afternoon adds basil to hers, or you could sprinkle on some cinnamon or cayenne or something), but it’s good and fancy just the way it is.


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