The Boy & Me: Dinner at Home (A Very Late Valentine’s Post)

In our house, we like to cook. And eat. I think I probably spend 86% of my time talking about food. So, what better for a date night than cooking all day and eating all night? Break open a bottle of wine from that trip to Napa, try out the fancy sous vide machine, dress up the table a little…sounds pretty good to me!
Full disclosure: this was what we did for Valentine’s Day, and yes, I’m posting it in March. BUT you can do fancy dinner at home any time of year, right? Riiiiiight? C’mon, people, let’s celebrate love! Or food. Or whatever.
Luckily, we’ve got flowers in the area (area = yard-ish), so I went outside and improvised a little. Isn’t the wine glass gorgeous? A recent birthday acquisition! (Thanks Mom and Dad.)
But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, the menu:
Howell Mountain Napa Valley Red 2003


Sous Vide Steak

Flat Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary & Black Pepper

Warm Kale Salad with Apples and Dried Cranberries


Parmesan Cake with Raspberry Ice Cream, Raspberry Puree, & Whipped Cream
Best Cookbook Ever / Joy of Cooking
Then, the cooking. We probably cooked for 3-4 hours, which would later answer the question, “Why don’t we eat like this every day?”
Sorry, no photos of the steak in progress, but sous-viding is actually super easy providing you have a sous vide machine (we have a Sansaire). Basically, the steak was cooked in bags in water held at one temperature until perfectly medium rare all the way through. Then, the Boy seared it off with salt and pepper in a cast iron skillet.
As for the rest…here are a few work in progress pics:

We actually ended up using what was left in the strainer (after straining the blended sugar and raspberries for the ice cream) for the “raspberry puree” on our dessert. It worked surprisingly well. Waste not, want more dessert, right?

Voila! The final meal. It. Was. Awesome. We don’t usually have a full protein-and-sides situation going on in this house (we’re one-bowl people, sometimes literally, with two forks), and everything was so good and complimented the other things perfectly.

The steak was UNREAL – really, I could have eaten four of those – the potatoes were crispy and salty and tender, and the kale salad was accepted even by non-kale-fan the Boy. You actually cook the kale briefly with the apples and cranberries, and everything sort of softens and gets generally lovely.

And dessert? Dessert was excellent too. The parmesan cake cooks very thin and hardly sweet – quite savory and parmesan-y (I know, surprise, right?), in fact – but when paired with barely sweetened whipped cream (homemade because duh), sweet raspberry ice cream, and sweet-tart puree, it was excellent.

So, in summary, go make your own fancy dinner at home. Who need restaurants? And send me pictures please. Or at least the menu. I’d like something to drool over while I share a single (giant) bowl of salad with the Boy tonight. Two forks please.


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