Eating Out: HomeState

After a tour of the Hollyhock House in Barnsdall Art Park, the Boy and I needed somewhere to grab a late (circa 2:30pm) lunch in the area before heading on to the rest of our Sunday. We’d been meaning to try HomeState, so there we headed!

It’s a little place, with a cool, very Los Feliz/Silverlake vibe – tables on the sidewalk, textured turquoise floral wallpaper, hanging cage lights with exposed bulbs that I was eying for our bedroom…the works. Just a few tables inside and out, though they also seem to run a takeout business (and why not, with those cute little foil-wrapped tacos?).

Being not exactly lunchtime, and with dinner plans firmly in hand, we opted to share two tacos (the Chicken from the “Daytime” section and the Guadalupe from the “Breakfast” section) and, obviously, the Loaded Queso and chips. Turns out this was plenty of food, but hey – we tried for moderation.

The queso was far and away the best of the bunch, and extremely filling, “loaded” (as promised) with chili con carne and topped with fast-sinking guac, pico de gallo, and sour cream. It took us a while to figure out that all the meat was at the bottom (a delicious surprise), though the chips, while crisp and flaky, were not nearly hearty enough to survive a scoop downward into the meaty cheesy goodness. But don’t worry. We managed. (A fork may have been involved.) And delicious managing it was.

We’d opted for the housemade flour tortillas for the tacos – I’m normally a corn tortilla girl, but the word “housemade” means “pick this option” – and they were very good, well-textured and flavorful. The Chicken taco won the taco battle, with well-spiced chicken and a simple, tangy slaw.

Which isn’t to say the Guadalupe wasn’t good – it was, but it was comparatively a little bland: the textures all sort of melded together, and even the flavor was slightly underwhelming until we kicked it up with some hot sauce – then, the flavor hit the mark though the texture was still a bit lacking.

Overall, however, Homestate was a hit, and there were whole sections of the menu we didn’t even touch – so there’s still more eating to do!

4624 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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