Eating Out: The Pie Hole

If you know me at all (and I think some of you do), you’ll know that I have very strong loving feelings towards two types of foodstuff: sushi (dear god, sushi) and pie. I would be hard-pressed to walk by a pie-oriented establishment – a pie-centric establishment, in this case – and not go in to sample their wares. So, upon crossing paths with The Pie Hole in downtown L.A. on the way to a birthday party, that is exactly what the Boy and I did.

The place is adorable, with a sort of country-rustic feel (beadboard on the walls, art featuring “censored” handwritten pie recipes). There’s ample seating in the first room and the counter, with its glass case full of scrumptious looking pies, is in a second room towards the back. The incredibly friendly service doesn’t help the lengthy line to get up to said counter, but the wait does give one time to agonize endlessly over Which. Pie. To. Eat.

The Pie Hole trades both in more classic pies (Apple Crumble, Strawberry Rhubarb) and more nontraditional (Earl Grey, Bacon Buttermilk Coffee). We had not only just eaten, we also had dinner plans later (I told you, I can’t resist pie), so the Boy and I opted to share the classic Strawberry Rhubarb.

Served cold, the filling was perfectly thick and tart-sweet, glistening juicily where it had overflowed the crust. The crust itself was tasty, but I wished it was a tad lighter and flakier – when you got to the crustiest bits, it tended to be a tad doughy and overwhelming. Still, it was certainly good enough that the next time I walk by The Pie Hole, I’ll be going in to try another flavor. Buttermilk Chess, perhaps.

The Pie Hole
714 Traction Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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