Heigh Ho, To The Mountains We Go

A few weeks ago (or perhaps, more like over a month now), the family packed up and headed up to Mammoth Mountain for one of the last ski weekends of the season. Only four of us skiied, it was a tad warm, and the snow was a bit slushy, but we still had a fantastic time on the slopes and hanging out eating and drinking in our rented condo. 
The Boy had only downhill skiied once before, and somewhat disastrously (I’ll let him tell you), but he performed admirably after only a single lesson, so I think there are more ski trips in our future.
Don’t worry – we didn’t ski down that. We did, however, take a couple of strolls around the condo…

The dogs (my brother and his girlfriend brought theirs, as well as Mom and Dad’s pup Nessie – the cats stayed home) had a good time too, I think, though I’m not sure Nessie has ever been on vacation before (note the skeptic face).

We even made it up to the top of the mountain to take in the view (not to ski, oh dear god) – but you can see from up there how much the snow was melting.

Mammoth is only a 5-6 hour drive from Los Angeles, and although not the closest, I’m of the understanding that it’s the best downhill skiing mountain in the area (ok, so I’ve only ever skiied at Mammoth). Downhill skiing is a PRICEY sport, I’ll tell you, but it is a workout and so much fun, so if you’re able one season and if global warming doesn’t melt all the snows on the West Coast, go and enjoy.


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