Eating (or Drinking) Out: Angel City Brewery

This review will be brief, but so it goes. A number of friends of mine have had birthday celebrations at Angel City Brewery, one of L.A.’s local breweries that has a big facility located in downtown L.A. And I totally get why they choose the venue.
Angel City Brewery is a big, fun, raucous open space, with lots of seating and standing space, a bar with taps at one end, and the occasional pop-up flea market just because. They don’t serve food, so you can bring as much of your own as you want, and sometimes they have a food truck or two parked in the lot outside. It’s fun.
However, it’s not my favorite.

My issue? Frankly, the beer. I am not the be-all and end-all of beer judges, and I’ll tell you why – I still have not come around to IPAs and hoppy brews. Give me sours and quads and hefeweizens and stouts any day, but I will struggle to finish even the smallest pour of a hoppy beer (I think I usually appreciate them for one to three sips). And Angel Brewery’s beers, in my opinion, are almost uniformly hoppy and a bit thin in flavor…so sorry, Angel City. Unless someone I love is celebrating, I’m not buying.

But hey – if you’re more into the hoppy thing, go try it and let me (and the world) know if their beers are actually good. I’m aware that I’m biased.

Pictured above is their Berliner Weisse, a “tart and refreshing light-bodied wheat beer.” It’s served with flavored syrup on request, and I got the raspberry, hoping and praying that this would avoid the usual hoppiness. And it did, but it pretty much tasted like raspberry juice. Good? Sure. Beer? Eh.

Angel City Brewery
216 South Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Angel City Brewery and Public House on Urbanspoon


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