Eating Out: Röckenwagner Bakery Café

Every so often, when I’m up before the Boy and I want a special weekend breakfast but I don’t actually want to MAKE a special weekend breakfast (and/or I have to return a library book, it’s a toss-up), I’ll hit up one of the bakeries in our general neighborhood and come home with a bagful of goodies before he even wakes up. 
One of the best options in the area is Röckenwagner Bakery Café, which offers so many delectable goodies that I have to force myself not to buy everything in the case. In this instance, I showed admirable restraint by only buying three items, which were all split down the middle for eating, of course.
First off – what I can only describe as a cheesy pretzel roll, the only savory option of the bunch. So. Cheesy. In the best way, with tender and moist pretzel bread. If I had to guess, I’d say this was the Boy’s favorite.

Next up, a luscious apple tart, probably my favorite, with impossibly flaky pastry that immediately scattered everywhere and tender, tart-yet-sweet apple slices. And not much else – none of that weird half-cream or gelatinous stuff that sometimes gets in the way of a good breakfast apple pastry.

Finally, because I couldn’t resist, a raspberry cronut, which was drop dead gorgeous and had great raspberry flavor and flaky dough. It only took tier three on the favorite scale due to the thick, hard-ish icing, which made it a bit difficult to get a good bite as it promptly flaked off. Still, I wouldn’t kick one out of bed (as long as it came with a plate and napkin, my comforter is white).

Röckenwagner (this location, at least, there are multiple) also offers more complete meals as the “café” portion of its business, but I must admit I’ve never made it past the bakery case. Still, if the food is as good as the baking, I probably should fight my way past the pastries.

Röckenwagner Bakery Café
12835 West Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

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