Eating Out: 800 Degrees

Someone asked me, the other day, to choose a restaurant in Westwood for dinner. As Westwood isn’t my usual hood, I experienced a brief moment of panic before remembering that there are indeed a few restaurants in Westwood that I have both eaten at and would happily return to. Case in point: 800 Degrees.
800 Degrees was a trailblazer in the make-your-own pizza category – you choose your crust and toppings, and the whole pizza is made fresh and shoved into an 800 degree (get it?) oven to cook in almost the time it takes you to pay (ok, maybe a touch longer, but not much).

The toppings are of the gourmet variety (think truffle cheese and prosciutto) and there are even some salad offerings and a few preset topping choices for those of us who get overwhelmed by too many options.

The pizzas come out blistered and crispy-crusted, and the quality is definitely there – my one caution would be overloading your pizza with a plethora of toppings (easy to do) as even the Neapolitan crust is thin and prone to sagging under excessive weight (say, the addition of an egg…).

Overall, it’s an excellent option wherever you come across it – there are plenty of locations beyond Westwood now – and even a quick one if you can manage to catch it without a line out the door. The simple but plentiful seating (at least in Westwood) is always crowded, but the turnover is quick, and hey – Diddy Riese is just up the street.

A pizza (personal size, but the big kind of personal) will run you $12 or $13 with a good bunch of toppings. Be a dear and pile on the goat cheese and the roasted garlic for me.

800 Degrees
10889 Lindbrook Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90024

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