No Recipe Required: Fruit & Veggies with Chili & Lime

Summer brings with it a lot of potluck-style outdoor events – barbecues, beach days, outdoor movies, and the like. All excellent, wonderful things that I thoroughly enjoy, but sometime you have the time and willingness to cook an elaborate dish and sometimes you don’t. I’ve found that in the latter case, it’s best to default to one of two things: alcohol (let’s be honest, no one is gonna be sad over an extra case of beer) or simple veggies, since few people think to bring them (the excitement sort of pales in comparison to fried chicken) but everyone feels good about eating them on a hot summer day (as a nice complement to said fried chicken).

Now, you can go with your basic veggies and dip, but Design Love Fest alerted my to an alternative for when you want something that’s along those same lines but a little more off the beaten path: fruit and veggies (namely cucumber, mango, and jicama) with chili and lime.

My real word of wisdom to you about this non-recipe recipe is this: if you can, buy your jicama pre-cut. It is a b***h to peel and cut, and it looks like a big warped coconut in its full form. See?

The cucumber and the mango were much easier to handle.

Once everything is sliced into sticks or at least sticklike shapes, layer it prettily into a tray and add lime juice, chili powder, and salt. I found that I probably should have put more, as this could have used a more substantial kick than it had, so play around until you get it right. And you know what? It’s not bad with some hummus on the side for the jicama and cucumber.


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