Instagram: My Social Media Drug of Choice

For anyone who doesn’t know, a large part of my job involves social media. I work on the digital and social media team at a television production company, which means I care a lot about what’s happening on Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat, especially as it relates to the entertainment space. But that doesn’t mean that I myself am a rampant social media user – sure, I have all the profiles, but on some I’m a bit more of a passive presence, happy to sit back and watch what all you crazy kids are doing.

The one that I can’t resist? Instagram. Pretty pictures, fun filters, a simple interface – what’s not to like?

In fact, I’ve got not one, not two, but three Instagrams I run/co-run with The Boy.

Check ’em out – follow them if you like. In fact, I’m heading off on a weeklong vacation (Boston and Mexico!) tonight, so if you want to follow along, my Instagram would be the place to be!

This one’s personal. Everyday life and eatings of a Los Angeles native.

My cats. Because why wouldn’t they have their own Instagram? Co-run with the Boy.

For the Boy’s awesome news-and-events-meet-cocktails website. I just help out with the photography. And the hashtagging.


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