Where We Stayed: The Ahau Tulum

As I mentioned in my last post, we recently spent a wonderful week in Tulum, Mexico. Our home base during the trip was the Ahau Tulum, found after many hours spent scouring the internet for the best cross-section of luxury and value (we learned later that it also happens to be the favorite hotel of the Boy’s uncle, who visits Tulum yearly – a fact that probably could have saved me a couple hours of research…ah, well).

The Ahau was wonderful, and while certainly not the cheapest option in Tulum, it was within our budget and wonderfully vacation-y. It was also beautiful, nestled in the jungle and spilling into the beach in a picturesque pile of thatch-roofed buildings and yellow beach chairs, colorful hammocks and adorable live-in dogs.

Ahau Tulum

One of our requirements for the trip was air-conditioning, which is very rare at most of the eco-friendly Tulum hotels, and the Ahau offered (very effective) air-conditioning from 8pm-9am in its Junior Suites – a lifesaver in the sticky month of September.

Beyond having air-conditioning, the room was gorgeous – full of wood and white and light, with a beautiful mural painted on one wall and our own porch complete with one of the aforementioned gorgeous colorful hammocks.

And while not something I’d normally mention, the cleaning of the rooms was beyond exceptional – not only did they manage to control the tons of sand we tracked in off the hotel pathways (step out of the room, and you were basically on the beach), but every day we were met with a different elaborate towel creation…so cute! (Ten points to anyone who can identify the one on the right, my best guess is anteater.)

The food was good (note that no meals were included for our $250/night price, but we did get tea and some basic pastries delivered to our porch each morning – and also ate a few breakfasts and one dinner in their restaurant), the concierge was lovely and helpful, and it was easy to walk to any number of delicious restaurants (which Tulum has aplenty). It was a bit of a bike ride to town or cenotes, but we happily managed it, and also biked out to the Tulum Ruins.

Not that there wasn’t plenty to enjoy around the hotel itself – a lovely beach (where the notorious “seaweed problem” was the best handled of any hotel we saw), a water tower for watching the sunset, and a spectacular display of stars on the moonless nights.

Though we’ll probably explore other corners of the globe before we return to Tulum (due to no fault of Tulum’s, we just harbor deep wanderlust for the new and unexplored), should we ever do so, we’d be delighted to make our home at the Ahau again.


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