Welcome To The Reluctant Millennial!

Welcome to The Reluctant Millennial, the blog formerly known as Moving In (at least, that was its most recent permutation – what can I say, I like to change with the times).

And here’s a quick little Q&A on the move:

Why did you move?
I wanted a new look for the blog, and since I’ve been living in my current place for two years, “Moving In” didn’t really seem like an appropriate title anymore. So, a new name and a new look! Also, WordPress.com offers some functionality and options that I couldn’t get with my old Blogger template.

Can I still get email updates about new posts?
Of course! Just enter your email in “Get the Latest,” the last item in the menu at the right side of this page, and then confirm when you get the confirmation email.

Are all the old posts here?
Of course! I’m still working out a few formatting kinks, but everything is here for the reading.

What’s with the name?
Well…names are hard. I was trying to think of a name that encompassed all the random stuff I like to tell you all about, and I am, after all, a millennial. And I’m blogging. A very “millennial” behavior. But people say all sorts of things about millennials that I’m reluctant to take on (even if some of them are true). So voilá – a simple little blog from the life of a reluctant millennial.

Hope you enjoy the new site! Please let me know if you have any issues with it, as I mentioned, some stuff is still being worked out.


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