Eating Out in Tulum: Raw Love

We ate at a lot of places while in Tulum, and the fact that I’m focusing on this one does not signify that it is the only one worth writing about or even the best one. However, due to the whole biking/sweating/jumping in the ocean thing, I didn’t often have my camera with me, so I didn’t get the chance to document most of our wonderful meals.

Raw Love happened to be stationed basically within our hotel, which allowed me to safely eat, document, and return the camera to the hotel room before going and jumping in the ocean.

Raw Love Sign

Raw Love is a raw vegan restaurant (surprise surprise) located in a small shack on the grounds of the Ahau Tulum. A few carved wood tables and benches – and some swinging seating – are scattered about in the sand in front of it, under the surrounding palm trees. It’s exactly the kind if place you would hope to eat at while on a beach vacation in Mexico.

Raw Love Tulum

Raw Love’s menu centers on a variety of smoothies and items that hover somewhere between the breakfast and dessert regions, with a few more savory dishes and a variety of coffee drinks also on offer.

We were breakfasting, so after much deliberation I ordered a “vanilla” (odd, because nowhere amongst the ingredients was vanilla listed) smoothie bowl topped with a veritable plethora of well-reputed health foods, from goji berries to cacao nibs to papaya to chia seeds. It was tasty, despite my dislike of banana – all the toppings added a good amount of texture. The smoothie itself was very sweet (I think it featured dates or figs) – and while some would have loved it and I did enjoy it, I think a fruitier flavor might have been better balanced.

Smoothie Bowl

The Boy ordered coconut yogurt out of sheer curiosity, for neither of us has either heard of such a thing before (spoiler alert: I think Whole Foods carries it). It was made in house, and though I find coconut to be the devil’s work, this was actually delicious and creamy and paired well with its mango topping. I actually preferred the flavors to the smoothie bowl, though the smoothie bowl is certainly more of a meal – the yogurt was only slightly bigger than a little packaged yogurt cup. Still, quite yummy and surprisingly filling!

Coconut Yogurt at Raw Tulum

Raw Love also was serving its housemade ginger beer, so we had to give that a try, and my only wish was that there was more of it – delightfully gingery, with an almost alcoholic taste (in a good way). It was very refreshing in the Tulum heat.

Raw Love made for a lovely, vacation-y breakfast – and at 280 pesos (about $16 – cash only, by the way) for us both, a not-too-pricey one (especially if you’re used to what raw vegan food costs in L.A). If you happen to be nearby, it’s worth the wander – maybe for a mid-afternoon smoothie?


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