Out and About in Massachusetts: Russell Orchards

While we were in Massachusetts a few weeks ago, the Boy’s parents took us to do something very typically East Coast-y – visit an orchard (Russell Orchards to be exact). While the Fall weather definitely hadn’t hit yet, it was a wonderful outing and included some very tasty treats (never a bad thing in my book).

Signs at Russell Orchards

The Orchards are lovely, with a big barn that houses the store and bakery (you can buy everything from cookbooks to trinkets to jam to honey), a pretty little pond (complete with geese), and a veritable plethora of farm life including a GIANT pig, adorable baby donkey, goats, sheep, and chickens. Even if you skip the apple-picking (as we did this time), there’s lots to see, and any number of kids were running around in sheer delight at discovering so many furry and feathered friends.

Of course, the whole purpose of this expedition was really to consume as many cider doughnuts as possible, which we did with gusto (so moist and tasty). I also could not resist a miniature apple-berry pie, which was DElightful. Flaky crust, juicy and flavorful insides, and a great balance of berry and apple flavor. We washed these down with a little bottle of tart apple cider (a must), and I have strong suspicions that most of the baked goods on offer would be equally as tasty (they certainly looked it).

The whole excursion lasted around an hour, though there were families who had definitely settled in for longer (and of course, the whole thing would have occupied more time had we gone apple picking). It was a wonderful and affordable activity for a beautiful autumn (or late summer) day. And if we hadn’t been flying out the next day, I probably would have left stocked up with apples. Thanks to the Boy’s parents for the visit!

Russell Orchard Path

Sign for Closed Orchards


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