Out & About: Flower Duet Tour & Class

For our anniversary, the Boy bought me a wonderful gift – a Los Angeles flower market tour and a flower arranging class with Flower Duet, a florist business (floral business?) run by two sisters in the South Bay. Of course, due to busy schedules (mine) not aligning with class schedules (theirs), it is only recently I managed to redeem the bloody thing (our anniversary was in April).

Luckily, this meant I went home with a gorgeous fall flower arrangement – but I’m getting ahead of myself. First, the tour.

Flower Market Flowers

I’d been to the L.A. Flower Market once before – it requires getting up verrrrrry early on a Saturday, but is a generally wonderful place full of beautiful, affordable blooms. After meeting atop a parking garage above the market (bring cash for parking), Flower Duet‘s Casey led us through the many vendor stands, pointing out different varieties of flowers and explaining what to look for, what to avoid, and how to care for many of them (fun fact: those puffy green ones below are a variety of carnation!). She also brought us by a floral supply shop, and then set us loose for a bit to wander and shop before we headed down to the South Bay for the class. I may or may not have come home with two succulents and a snake plant (prettier than it sounds).

While I did wish there was a little less time for “wandering” (I did my shopping, headed to the South Bay, and got a bagel sandwich before it was time to start class) and that the class was somewhere closer to central L.A. than the South Bay, the class itself was fabulous. It was housed in their studio, a large warehouse, and Kit took us carefully step-by-step through building a glorious arrangement with principles that worked both for this specific one and in general.

Flower Workshop Supplies

We all made the same arrangement – I won’t remember all the flowers now, but the base was eucalyptus and the main blooms were dahlias – and it was amazing how they all were slightly unique while also being generally uniform.

You can see below how it was built – first the floral foam, neatly trimmed (I need to own me some of that), then the base of eucalyptus, setting forth the shape of the arrangement, then the main blooms, and finally filler and accents. “Work in triangles,” we were told, and I did my damnedest to do so.

And with their guidance, I was unreasonably proud of my result – I mean, I could not stop looking at it. Or photographing it. I mean, pretty pretty, am I right?

I’m already plotting about who I can gift this experience to so I get to partake in it again…

Final Flower Arrangement (Front)

Final Flower Arrangement (Back)

I was not compensated for this post. All the opinions are my own.


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