Out & About: SoFar Sounds Living Room Concert

The internet is a terrible and a magical place. It bring out the worst in people a lot of the time (working in social media I know this to be true), but it also enables a lot of very cool things to happen that would have been damn hard to organize in times past. Case in point: SoFar Sounds. SoFar Sounds organizes secret, pay-what-you-want concerts with great artists in intimate spaces. I found out about them years ago and got on the mailing list, but only just managed to get in to attend my first one, which happened to be in an apartment living room not far from my own home.

SoFar Sounds Poster

We all – I can’t estimate numbers of people, but I’m gonna guess there were somewhere between 50 and 100 of us – piled into this stranger’s living room on a Monday night, sitting on couches and benches and blankets on the floor, excited to see who was going to take over the small concert setup in one corner of the room.

The Crowd at SoFar

First up, Frankie, whose recent single “New Obsession” I’d actually recently started listening to (and so was extra excited to see live), and it’s pretty awesome – check it (and her) out.

Second to play was Julia Nunes, who I’d never heard of before but now have on endless repeat. She was extremely charming and funny as well, which didn’t hurt. The lovely thing about SoFar Sounds is that the whole intimate vibe lends itself to chatter with the audience and an acoustic sound which is often somewhat different from what the final tracks might sound like, but which I love.

Our last performance – and perhaps the most anticipated by those in the know in the music business (I am not one of those) was White Sea, a solo project of M83 collaborator Morgan Kibby (again, none of this means much to me, but it might to you all).

Her voice is something truly incredible – Florence and the Machine-esque – and if her music is not something that makes its way as much into my everyday life personally, there is no denying it was quite a bang to end the night. SoFar Sounds is not just a Los Angeles thing, so go ahead and check it out – I know I’ll be attending again when the opportunity arises (logistical note: you can get on a waitlist for pay-what-you-wish, or you can pay a certain amount to guarantee a ticket, at least in the L.A. market. I kind of enjoy the risk and reward, but nice to have both options).

White Sea
Lights at SoFar Sounds

I was not compensated for this post. All the opinions are my own.


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