At Home: Easy DIY Advent Calendar

Last year, I started the tradition of making the Boy an advent calendar to count down to Christmas. That advent calendar, while still quite simple, did require the procurement of many small gifts that would fit in envelopes, the crafting of said envelopes, and a very trying lesson in physics when the darn thing just would not stay on the wall.

This year, in a stroke of genius, I came up with an advent calendar that requires exactly five supplies, and is an affordable way to bring some DIY Christmas joy to the season!

Advent Calendar Under Tree

All you’ll need for this calendar are some cute boxes and ribbon, a pen, and – here’s the stroke of genius – twenty-five dollar lottery tickets! (Obviously, this calendar would lend itself to any number of gifts, but I was pretty pleased with myself about the lottery tickets.) They’re a fun activity for each day, easy to wrap, and not a huge investment (since you have to get twenty-five of whatever fills your calendar).

Advent Calendar Supplies

Sharpie | Lottery Tickets | Scissors | Twine (similar) | Boxes

I picked the lottery tickets up at my local grocery store, though a liquor store or drugstore would probably have them too. It so happened that some of the ones on offer had a cute holiday theme!

After that, I just stuck the tickets in the boxes, drew on a cute number, and tied with some fun peppermint-y twine! Obviously, you could go ahead and put your own spin on this with wrapping paper, different ribbons, etc., but this way came out super cute and took probably thirty minutes, a blessing in the busy holiday season.

Advent Calendar Boxes

The boxes are under our tree, but you could also pile them on a mantle or in a cute basket. And of COURSE the Boy has already, in a week, won $10 and a free lottery ticket. So the advent-ing is going particularly well for him!

Advent Calendar Under Tree


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