Eating Out: Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

Down the street from my work is a bar made infamous by its secret entrance – Good Times at Davey Wayne’s.  I’ve been there once before, but visited again recently for a friend’s afternoon birthday fête, so I thought I’d give you all a little writeup on it.

Good Times at Davey Wayne's

*SPOILER ALERT* I’m about to tell you about the “secret” entrance. With photos. So much for secrets.

You enter Davey Wayne’s on a nondescript, maybe slightly sketchy street in Hollywood through what appears to be a 70s garage (so, basically any garage as I’m pretty sure no one’s garage has been updated since the 70s). The coolest part? You enter through the fridge! Points to the Boy for being an excellent secret entrance model.

The inside of the bar is a series of rooms – I think it’s an old house or apartment complex – decorated in 70s style (at least I think it is, to be fair I was not born in the 70s). I find it a bit cramped and dark in there, as well as a bit loud (I’m an old lady, so sue me) and prefer the patio where our particular group of friends had gathered this Sunday afternoon.

Of course, upon arrival we set straight off for the bar (inside an airstream-like trailer) and the food, a simple grill/BBQ setup next to the bar. We went for a California Melt with pulled pork, basically a tricked-out grilled cheese that included avocado.

Food Sign

California Melt

The melt was DELICIOUS – crispy and with that slightly-burned-cheese goodness on the outside, melty and warm and rich on the inside. YUM. It was around $12, I think.

We happened to be there at Happy Hour – $3 Millers and $6 Old Fashioneds – but I couldn’t resist an alcoholic snow cone, which was also $6.

Being a lover of tequila, I went for the Raspberry  with Tequila, Lime, and Campari, but upon tasting others’ snow cones the Blackberry/Lime/Ginger/Bourbon situation was actually better. These were super fun, though they had the general snow cone problems of 1) lord oh lord how do I eat this and 2) all the flavor sinks to the bottom which means for a while you’re basically eating ice until it gets good. Still, it lasts a long time and is a good deal, so I won’t hate on it!

Note on the crowd here: seems to hover between the hipsters and biker gangs. Odd, I know. It also apparently gets BUSY at night (lines and stuff) so if you want to check it out, I’d go on the early side (no trouble getting in on Sunday afternoon but the place was hopping!).

Good Times at Davey Wayne's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

BBQ Poster


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