No Recipe Required: Smoked Salmon Toast

We were lucky enough, a little while ago, to be the recipient of some items from a fancy fancy gift basket originally gifted to my father. Amongst these items was a small packet of smoked salmon, which I delightedly nabbed as usually smoked salmon is quite pricey (though I think good old Trader Joe’s has some decent deals on it). Anyway, one Sunday morning I was hemming and hawing about what to make for breakfast when I remembered this delicious recipe from The Kitchy Kitchen and decided to use what I had to put my own spin on it.

Smoked Salmon Toast

In addition to being a great lover of things in bowls, I am an equally big fan of things on toast.

Swapping in smoked salmon for smoked trout came easily enough, and I used Claire’s sour cream-mustard base as the proverbial glue that would hold this all together. An egg, of course (it was breakfast after all), some whole grain bread, and cornichons to stand in for Claire’s pickled onions finished the spread.

Smoked Salmon Toast Ingredients

The egg was soft-boiled (thanks miraculous egg cooker), the sour cream-mustard spread was spread one part each), the cornichons were chopped, and the salmon (not your average lox, but a thick smoke that I think happily worked even better here) was flaked…and breakfast was had.

Smoked Salmon Toast

The verdict? So, I MAY have slightly overtoasted the bread, but overall this came out deliciously savory. I mean, let’s be honest, anything that’s spread with sour cream is pretty much a win in my book. And as the Boy will tell you (while shaking his head disparagingly), I am not hugely into normal sandwiches, but I do adore the open-faced variety. Obviously, this is mix and match at its finest, so have at it – and thank The Kitchy Kitchen for the inspiration.

Smoked Salmon Toast


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