April Showers & Dip-Dyed Tablecloths

OK, OK, a break from New Orleans and back to life in Los Angeles! April, as appropriate idioms would have it, has been full of wedding showers for me. I have two dear friends getting married, and I am taking part in both weddings. I helped throw the first shower along with a spectacularly wonderful wedding party in the Catalina Verdugo Adobe in Glendale, and I thought I’d share some pictures along with a DIY.

First off, because I know you all want to see, the disgustingly attractive couple:

Jen and Max

Yes, they are so adorable and photogenic I could have an entire post with pictures of them, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll show you some of the decor (which I had a hand in) & move on to bragging about the incredible wedding party…

Wedding Shower Letter Decor

Jen and Max being the bride and groom’s names, there were plenty of appropriate initials to go around (the maid of honor, by the way, who was the general ringleader, killed it generally).

I was in charge of flowers (god bless you, Los Angeles flower market – I was able to do the whole thing for under $100 and the flowers came out great), and also made some signs using wood from Home Depot , stain, and a chalk paint pen. I also concocted a flower crown for the lady of the hour using this tutorial from Design Sponge, which was quite fun and not nearly as hard as I expected.

Shower Decor

I also bought some vintage frames from the flea market, spray painted them gold, and then wired some of my extra flowers on them the day of. Some of the groomsman hung them from trees around the site and the wedding party decorated the strings with ribbon, which made for excellent big-impact pieces that also served as impromptu photo booths!

Flowers Decorate a Frame

I had nothing to do with the food, but it was pretty incredible – we had these ridiculous spreads from Whole Foods, lavender lemonade and strawberry sangria and mimosas, handmade tea sandwiches, cupcakes, and his and hers cakes (P.S. those Mrs. and Mr. signs are not my doing, but rather my inspiration).

The MOH also got the cutest syrups from New York (bride’s home state) as favors…I mean, come on, we totally beat Pinterest, right?

Favor Table

My other big craft for the day was dip-dying tablecloths to cover up the less-than-attractive picnic benches. After looking at many, many online tutorials, I bought an entire roll of muslin (over 25 yards) at Joann’s Fabrics, then cut it to the appropriate lengths. I imagine you could hem it, but I was going for the more free-flowing look, so I didn’t. I did have to trim some strings off periodically from the raw edges, so watch out for that. I also assembled my supplies – dish soap, petal pink Rit dye, salt (not pictured), a sinkful of hot water, and rubber gloves.

So, there are all kinds of recipes everywhere (one site recommended 1/2 cup of dye, 2 gallons of water, and a cup of salt for every pound of fabric), but I played a bit fast and loose. I filled my sink about halfway with very hot water and poured in a bottle of dye. Then, I added two cups of salt. Then, I dyed a test strip, and added more water as it was a bit darker than I wanted. Finally, on to the tablecloths.

I dipped the cloth in up to the point where I wanted the top of the color, than drew it out gradually, letting it sit every 6-8 inches to deepen the color as I got towards the bottom for an ombre effect. I did one side of the tablecloth at a time, swishing it around. In the end, I got five tablecloths out of my bottle of dye, and probably couldn’t have done any more (the color was weakening). Then, I washed them in the washer to fade and blend the color a bit more and hung them out to dry.

Dip Dyed Tablecloth

Voila! Of course, I didn’t get any good pictures of them in situ, but you can sort of see one below. I was quite pleased with how they turned out, and each tablecloth probably only cost around $10 in the end! Plus, now I have a new tablecloth at home, since my test project turned out rather more peach/orange than I’d hoped…(wrong color mix). Ah, well! Happy Wedding, J&M!

Dip Dyed Tablecloth


3 thoughts on “April Showers & Dip-Dyed Tablecloths

  1. Julie Perron says:

    I am so impressed. I looked at the photos and read your blog with my mouth open in awe! Everything looked great and beyond professional! How did you do that wonderful lettering on the signs? Incredible!


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