Eating Out: Proof Bakery

Recently, I decided to make a change and cut off ten inches of my hair, which for a very long time has been very long and very, very boring. In typical fashion, I decided to do this at a salon I’d never been to before in a part of L.A. I’d never been to before – Atwater Village. I purposely arrived a bit early, as I knew Atwater Village was home to a place I’d long wanted to visit – Proof Bakery. (For the record, the haircut went extremely well – highly recommend Janae at Liberated Salon.)

Hot Cross Buns

Proof Bakery is the much-lauded work of Na Young Ma, and is housed in a small, spare, modern space on the “main drag” of adorable Atwater Village. There are a few tables inside and couple on the sidewalk, but not much seating, and the rest of the inside is often full of a line of people waiting to get their pastry fix.

There are a number of coffee drinks on offer, as well as a select few sandwiches on slim, simple baguettes. There is also a tantalizing pastry display, from croissants to cookies to tarts to, in this particular instance, hot cross buns (I think Easter was approaching).



I was immediately paralyzed by choice. A pickled beet and goat cheese sandwich? A glistening, crispy canele? A savory scone? To top it off, it’s not that cheap, so I couldn’t just have at it with one of everything.

Eventually, after some rapid in-line research, I settled on an almond croissant ($3.50) as Young Ma’s croissants seemed to be legendary, and the mini quiche of the day ($6.00), which had leeks and goat cheese and other things I can’t recall and fulfilled my “have something resembling real nutrition” quotient.

Almond Croissant

The croissant was indeed astoundingly crisp and flaky (like, serious outer crunch), and though almond wouldn’t necessarily be my croissant flavor of choice, it had a balanced sweetness and soft interior that I appreciated. Would LOVE to try a chocolate croissant, but I think you have to get there earlier in the morning for that one (I was in around 12:30pm on a Saturday).

Quiche of the Day

The quiche might have been even better – tender and flavorful, with an incredibly flaky, still-crispy crust that contrasted wonderfully with the eggy interior. Light but filling. I was quite pleased after my little meal, and should I find myself back in Atwater again, I’ll certainly be back to explore more of what Proof Bakery has to offer.

Proof Bakery
3156 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Proof Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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