No Recipe Required: Yogurt Bowl with Broiled Citrus

So, apparently I enjoy broiling citrus. It makes whatever you’re ending up with seem fancy, especially if you call it bruleéd, plus I like cooked sugar (so sue me). Also, in the winter, there’s not a lot of fruit around besides citrus for a lot of people, so this is a way to fancy it up a little (ok, admittedly not for me in Los Angeles…).

Yogurt Bowl with Broiled Citrus

This particular rendition of broiled citrus, which fancies up a yogurt bowl, was inspired by the infinitely brilliant Deb of Smitten Kitchen. Of course, her citrus is all fancy and lovely and multicolored, which mine is straight minneolas from my latest CSA box, but the general broiled citrus + yogurt idea still stands.

To broil said citrus: trim off the rind and cut your citrus of choice into rounds. Sprinkle with brown sugar and stick under the broiler until you get some browning and caramelization. Be careful, as I have a tendency to burn things to a crisp under the broiler (it works fast).

Broiled Minneolas

Deb lets her broiled citrus chill and serves it with Greek yogurt and mint. I let mine cool briefly (not intentionally, I was taking photographs) and layered it with plain whole milk yogurt and Trader Joe’s really f***ing incredible ginger granola (they are not paying me, I just really love it). I then topped the whole thing with more minneola slices and honey. Look, a GIF!

Yogurt Bowl Assembly

Simple, fresh, and fancy-feeling breakfast. Plus, it’s speedy, and the ginger goes really nicely with the citrus. There’s a lot of different textures afoot, too. So go forth! Exercise the use of your broiler! And I totally would have put mint on this if I had had it, so probably take Deb up on that recommendation.

Yogurt Bowl with Broiled Citrus
Yogurt Bowl with Broiled Citrus


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