At Home: IKEA Rast Nightstand Makeover

Hey! Finally a post about the house. When it comes to house stuff (the Boy can verify this tenfold), I am constantly paralyzed by choice and nothing is finished and nothing can be decided until this, that, and the other have been decided and so on. Totally normal in many ways, I know, but also totally silly.

ANYWAY…since we put on our new addition (a bed and two baths, there’s a long drawn-out story about the city and a need to reverse a 60-year-old garage conversion I won’t get into here), we have been desperately in need of new nightstands, as ours were the wrong size and bedraggled from too many moves and completely the wrong color for our fantastic new dark teal walls. After my usual endless hemming and hawing and comparison shopping, we ended up doing them DIY-style, using the ever-popular IKEA Rast dresser as a base.

Not bad, am I right? And a pretty good deal, all told. To execute said makeover, we used the following:

2 x IKEA RAST Nightstand ($34.99 each)
3 x Rustoleum Painter’s Touch 2x Paint & Primer in Stone Gray Satin ($3.87 each)
1 x Rustoleum Painter’s Touch 2x Satin Clear ($3.87)
6 x Bauhaus 6-5/16″ Stainless Steel Cabinet Pull ($9.98 each)
1 x Sandpaper ($3.97)
1 x Rustoleum Universal Advanced Formula Metallis in Pure Gold ($6.76)
1 x Rustoleum Specialty Lacquer ($3.76)

TOTAL: $159.83

This meant each nightstand cost $79.92 all in, which was definitely cheaper than anything similar I’ve seen out there, especially for the size.

Makeover Materials

As for how we did it? Well, we took the IKEA nightstands, and sprayed them all over with two to four coats of the gray spray paint. We (and by we I mean the Boy) also cut holes in the back of the middle drawers to allow access to our outlets and create a sort of charging station. Once the gray paint was dry, we covered the nightstands in a clear satin coat to preserve the paint (TBD on whether that will work – check back in a few months).

We then modified the hardware – I’d wanted a gold or brass, to match the lights next to our bed, but that proved quite expensive. So, we bought stainless steel in a style we liked, sanded them a bit with a fine grit sandpaper, wiped them down with Clorox wipes and paper towels, and spray-painted them with the gold and then a spray lacquer. They turned out quite well!

Hardware: Before
Hardware: After

The hardest part may well have been installing the hardware – we filled the existing holes with some wood filler we already had before painting, then had to painstakingly measure and level the holes to install the new handles. But in, the end, it all was worth it – they look great! At least, I think they do. What do you think?


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